Custom built Modules for Dormitories / Hotel rooms / Bungalows / Student housing / Hospitals

  • We specialize in the design and delivery of high quality modular rooms and facilities, custom designed in accordance with the Client’s requirement
  • If you own land and wish to develop to build a resort or other as above, our team can assist you to make your dream come true through design, budgeting and realization.
  • Modular Construction is the construction of the future, saving time, money and delivering the required quality

Refurbished Containers

  • We have multiple years of experience in delivering turn-key camp facilities for Oil, Gas and Mining projects
  • Clients in Oil, Gas and Mining are high demanding Clients with regards to quality and safe fabrication and installation and we are proud that our products and services are often selected by the big companies in this field.
  • We have designed over 100 types of different applications for refurbished container units and are in a position to offer full design assistance to our Clients

Lightweight Metal Framed Buildings

  • Utilizing our roll forming machines we can design and deliver any size of building utilizing lightweight metal wall frames, ceiling frames and trusses on concrete floors or on elevated floors
  • Over the years we have delivered many Rapid Response Modules (RRM). This is an in-house developed design whereby we fold a 50 m2 building into a 15 m2 footprint. On site the building can be installed in a matter of days.